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A good mentor can help a broker tackle unexpected challenges, identify opportunities, think outside the box and take their business to the next level. Tas Bindi speaks with business strategist, speaker and respected mentor Jason Back about why brokers should always be open to learning and never be afraid to ask for help.

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Honoured to be the 1st guest of the new podcast series Foreseeable hosted by Daniel Coniglio and Greg Cooke. We discussed in-depth the future of the Mortgage Broking industry, what part technology will play and the importance of connecting with clients while understanding consumer behaviours.

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And thank god they are, because we’re not in the business of selling loans, says Jason Back.

Just like Qantas doesn’t sell flights, it sells destinations, and Mercedes-Benz doesn’t sell cars, it sells prestige, we don’t sell loans, we sell hopes and dreams. We sell a chance for a better future, an ability to make a life that our customers dream of. 

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When the ‘why’ may be not enough

So you are clear on your “why” and you have all the inspiration now in the world. And why not?

Sometimes slogans are not enough. Read article two in a six part series on how brokers can challenge their thought process to scale their brokerage.

I believe the role of a mortgage broker is so critical in an age when we have lost a generation that understands financial fitness and how to build wealth over time. The nature of the relationship with a client and their broker should be one of education over the transaction.

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Discovering your why!

Having mentored and spoken with more than 7,000 brokers and having previously run one of the most successful brokerages in the country, Broker Essentials’ Jason Back reveals what the best brokers have in common.

Mr Back elaborated: “What the best brokers have in common is they are laser-focused on their why, and they’re confident with their position in the market. They have a client value proposition, which is crystal clear, and they live and breathe it. It’s not just another throwaway line on the back of a business card or email signature.”

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All of the world’s game changers, innovators and achievers have catapulted their learning and results through their mentors – the greats that have gone before them.

  • So what is a mentor?

  • Why do all successful people use them?

  • What makes a good mentor?

  • How can a good mentor help you?

  • What has mentoring got to do with investing?

Here from Jason Back when interviewed bu Bushy Martin answer the above and motivate you to get invested in good mentors as a springing board to your ongoing achievements.

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