in focus: how to manage a leading brokerage

Ahead of his session at The Adviser’s Better Business Summit, the Australian Lending & Investment Centre’s managing director, Jason Back, reveals how he runs one of the country’s leading independent brokerages, his thoughts on outsourcing, and why training is imperative.

Challenges for investors in 2016

The Australian Lending & Investment Centre (ALIC) managing director, Jason Back identifies what challenges investor clients may face in the year ahead.

2017 saw landmark moment for broking, says brokerage head

Jason Back, managing director of The Australian Lending & Investment Centre (ALIC), told The Adviser that in July of this year, he was “very worried” about the future of the industry given the scrutiny of remuneration and increasing compliance, but that collaboration between different players in the finance industry has set his mind at ease.

How Jason Back’s Team Write More Than $750 Million In Settlement Volumes

So, during this interview, Jason generously shares some of his personal journey from his more than 20 years in the banking and finance sector, as well as many insights into how ALIC has become the high-performance business that we know it to be.

Award-winning brokerage eyes tech solutions

Over the years, The Australian Lending and Investment Centre (ALIC) has proven to be powerhouse in investment lending and produced some of the highest volume brokers in the industry. The Melbourne-based brokerage’s chief executive, Jason Back, told The Adviser why technology will play an increasingly important role in the industry.

BROKERS urged to take cautious approach to tech

The managing director of a leading brokerage has advised the industry to take caution before investing in technology, adding that he does not believe it will “take over” broking.

Secrets to success with Jason Back

We chat with Jason Back, Managing Director of The Australian Lending and Investment Centre, about his transition from banking into mortgage broking, his missed opportunity as a dolphin trainer, and why he’s passionate about education in the finance sector.

six hacks to help you prioritize and grow your business

There are a number of ways to strike a balance between meeting customer needs and operational work. Prioritisation and delegation are two of the most commonly used. For brokers who struggle on both, Australian Lending and Investment Centre managing director Jason Back has some tips to help you get started.


With the majority of brokers being sole operators, time is a critical resource that must be used wisely, according to The Australian Lending and Investment Centre managing director Jason Back.

Success goes beyond sales

Broker Essentials founder Jason Back reports on what he has learned from working with some of the best brokers in the business.

MPA Hotlist 2017

MPA's Hotlist profiles the 30 brokers, bankers, regulators and others who've had the biggest influence on the industry in 2017

Commission change: Not if, but when!

“If you hate change, you are going to hate extinction even more.”

This quote’s been attributed to many, but it still rings true to me now more than ever. Only a week or so out from the final royal commission report, brokers must prepare for change.